Appliance Installation

There are some fantastic appliances that you can buy to add value to your home, and that would generally make life easier. However, purchasing a great appliance is just the first stage. You still have to get it installed correctly before you can start using it.

You can have your eyes on a modern and sleek dishwasher, oven, or washing machine, but you can’t just purchase it and simply plug it in, can you? No matter how strong you are, appliance Installation takes a lot of work, experience, and certification, and doing it yourself is not a good idea. It’s always smart to call in a pro for your appliance installation to save you the stress, time, and the hassle of dragging your old appliances, which is why you should let United Installations take care of your appliance installation.

With our appliance installation service, you can purchase anything from washers, oven, fridges, and so on, and get expert installation without lifting a finger. We are skilled, experienced, professional, and have been in business for 10 years. You can trust our team for any home or business appliance installation, be it a new one or an upgrade.

United Appliance Installation

We are based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, and service all surrounding areas. After installing your appliance, our team can also show you how to use the appliances as well. Instead of leaving you to sort yourself out with a brand new appliance and an instruction manual, we’ll show you how to make use of it perfectly.

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We don’t like to leave our customers confused, so we feel it is essential for them to know how to operate their new addition before we go after each installation.

Appliance Installation Guaranteed

We love to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our appliance installation service and don’t experience issues with their appliances along the line. So, if you encounter any installation-related problem with your appliance, just give us a call, and we will not hesitate to come back.

All appliance comes in different sizes and types; every model and brand is different. This is why coming to United Installations for your appliance installation is your best bet for guaranteeing proper installation. United Installation is well versed in repairing different types of household appliances, and you can count on us for a quick and efficient appliance installation service.

If you’re upgrading your appliance from an old model to a newer one, we can also help you disconnect your old appliance as well.